"Barren Beth, Wild Desert John" lyrics - JETHRO TULL

"Barren Beth, Wild Desert John"

Oh, the joy! Oh, the joy
To feel the faint beat pulsing
Cousin Mary, Cousin Mary
Set two hearts racing
Winged Gabriel, young Gabriel
He started something
Angry ranting and raving
Four bad winds chasing

You know he's going to be so special
Not number one, maybe number two
Filled with passion, preparation
A dip in Jordan's heady brew

Cousin Mary gets all the credit
Iconic mother: that's all understood
While Barren Beth, wrinkly life-bringer
Helped two Jays, two little Jays
To find their nests

What would one be without the other?
What would one be without the tale?
Dark narrative of grave and passion
Had on platter, cross and nail