"Jacob's Tales" lyrics - JETHRO TULL

"Jacob's Tales"

Who cares about the family silver
That glints in dusty halls
Lined with badly painted landscapes
On badly painted walls?
Who cares for family favourites
Dangling from the family tree?
That Auntie Mabel loved you more
Loved you, loved you more than me

We're not old fools of competition
Jacob's tales or superstition
But siblings born in equal grace
Seated at set-table place

Same old chances, toss of dice:
Evil eyes look twice as nice
Blood runs thicker, blood runs cold;
Seize legacy before it's sold

Who cares if I am comfortable
In leafy rural lane
While you are tied to drudgery
Left staring at the rain
That washes out your young ambition
Hung out left to dry
And wither on the washing line
Washed out, washed-out butterfly