"Low Rider" lyrics - JIM CAPALDI

"Low Rider"

He's a rebel and an angel of the devil
You can't see him but he's always on the level
He's a driver, a survivor from the law, oh yeah
And if you cheat him, he will even up the score, oh.

He's a traveller, an unraveler of your mind, yeah
He's the high priest, freedom is his only shrine, oh
He's the shadow, he can see behind your eyes
He's got the power, he's like lightning from the skies.

He's a low rider, oh, hey hey,
I said low rider, oh oh oh oh, hey.

He's been down in the ground
He's been kicked and he's been pushed around
But now he's coming back, coming back to claim his crown, hey, alright.

Rider passed by, rider passed by the local sheriff, uh
Sheriff chased him, started chasing him with his gun
The rider lost him, lost him in the backstreets, oh yeah
Then he burned the town up, burned the town up just for fun.

Sheriff got mad, said: 'I'm gonna get thet rider'
He couldn't stand to see the rider running free
He told the deputy: 'Go 'round up, up the posse, oh'
He said to meet him outside Smokey Joe's Cafe.

The rider came down through the town
The sheriff's men they cut him down
Low rider, now they've finally got your crown.

I said: 'Ah!'.

Low rider, low rider...