"Whale Meat Again" lyrics - JIM CAPALDI

"Whale Meat Again"

Whale meat again under the sun
Every twelve minutes and another one's gone
His meat's in your make-up, his flesh is on your lips
As a nuclear warhead explodes in his hips.

Scientists are saying: 'Now we've got to do something soon'
But sitting around talking about it ain't gonna stop that harpoon
Oh, whale meat again, when will it end?
Not 'til everything is dead, alright.

Woman's in labour, she screams at the sky
Somebody take this pain away, I'm gonna lay here and die
The doctor rushes in, puts a needle in her skin
And says: 'Oh, come on now, you really must try'.

If you go slowly, then you won't be lonely
But everybody keeps on rushing around
It's bringing me down, hey.

Mr. Politician, can't you see?
You're gonna kill everything including you and me
So while you're talking in your expensive clothes
I think somebody's going to shove something up your nose.

The whale boats are sailing, tonight they'll be whaling
Oh, there gonna be frying tonight.

Oh, beauty, all the love
Oh, God, if you're really up above
Do something now
Oh, do something now