"Can't Keep Living Like This" lyrics - JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR

"Can't Keep Living Like This"

Smoking to the filter
With heavy-hearted breath
Dragging through my days
With gin soaked steps

Shooting at survival
But aiming at success
Just another magic moment
I'll never know I've missed

And it's not that I don't care for living
I just can't keep living like this

Hanging on a wire
Suspended by a threat
That I'm reaching for an outcome
That's well and truly dead

Drinking in the memories
But seeping out regrets
With my whole heart I hit it hard
To a reckless finesse

And I've lost more love than I cared to expect
But I can't keep living like this


Counting down my chances
One at a time
My heart knows me better
Than to seek the reasons in these rhymes

No-ones asking how
No-ones asking why
No-ones saying fight
No-one even said to try

Just another chance I'll be quick to dismiss
But I can't keep living like this

[Instrumental outro]