"Same As It Never Was" lyrics - JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR

"Same As It Never Was"

All this time
Spent reeling from the feeling
That you'd left me behind
Since the day we walked away
Been tired of finding there was
No silver lining
Too quick to burn it down
We needed to go without
We both called "over and out"
We went wrong to make it right
Sights on re-ignite and there's
New life in this fight
'Cause the wheels kept turning
And time burning
Letting go of lessons
Were still not learning
Don't be mistaken
The blinds are down
But the walls are shaking
It's the same as it never was
It's the same as it never was
Your mind is on re-wind
My heart's set to steady
Your worlds finally ready
There's new chances to take
And now we know it's better to
Be sorry than safe