"15 Years" lyrics - JOE WALSH

"15 Years"

Fifteen years of rock and roll,
Fifteen years on the road.
(Can you turn up my guitar a little bit)
Fifteen years my guitar and me,
Played every song we know.
Fifteen years in a row.
I was a young man I used to be but I still can rock and roll.

Fifteen years been good to me,
Fifteen in a row.

Look through the crowd for the folks I know,
Fifteen years on the road.
Fifteen years they have stood by me,
Fifteen in a row.
If it's a show they want, it's a show they'll see here we go.
Fifteen books, fifteen years of old,
Then I hit some luck,
Spent it all on rock and roll, booze, sex, and drugs.
God bless the roadies and god bless me.