"I Broke My Leg" lyrics - JOE WALSH

"I Broke My Leg"

I met my baby in a shopping mall.
In a shopping mall.
I asked my baby for her number,
In case I called her up, in case I called her up.
I called my baby on the telephone,
I said, "Hello" on the telephone.
I took my baby to the movies,
Sat in the front row.
Got her some popcorn, bought her some bon bons.
We sat in the front row.
I took my baby out to dinner,
A table just for two, a table just for two.
I took my baby to Las Vegas,
Chartered a private plane.
We took some naps, we shot some crap,
Chartered a private plane.
I took her shopping, next thing I know,
I took my baby to Aspen,
I broke my leg, she fell in love.
I broke my leg,
I got a letter from my ex-baby today, nice.