"Simply A One-Eyed Jack" lyrics - JOHN (COUGAR) MELLENCAMP

"Simply A One-Eyed Jack"

The Gypsy King is dealing his cards
From the bottom of the deck
Hasn't won a hand, leastways not as yet
The table's getting angry

Some have folded up their cards
Others keep on betting
Even though they know they're playing a loser's game
Looking for the one-eyed Jack

Salome is frying chicken
And the smell of grease is filling up the room
John the Baptist, well he's left the game too soon
Salome has a frying pan in her hand
She'd like to take out the kind of man
That everyone is watching as she's going after
The one-eyed Jack

Some people want to party
Others are trying to leave
Some are telling stories
That are just impossible to believe

The long day's journey is turning into night
Salome looks crazy and she's higher than a kite
No one is in favor
Of the one-eyed Jack

Money and power is the name of the game
It started out as Spit In The Ocean
But things have rapidly changed
It will never go back to the way it used to be
Nature deals with no one, what's the cause
So many eyes will not see
It's the one-eyed Jack

I'd like to go somewhere safe
Watch the world as it changes
And become a folk singer
Sing a song that stops corruption and pain

But there's no reason for that now
We're a long way somehow
We'd better make a move or become the victim of
That lying one-eyed Jack