"Streets Of Galilee" lyrics - JOHN (COUGAR) MELLENCAMP

"Streets Of Galilee"

Don't put me in your dreams
Don't bet your money on me
You're backing a loser if you do
I'm just wasting your time
On the streets of Galilee

If you think you see something in me
And there's something that you can believe
It's your own illusion that you see
You're just lost in the dark
On the streets of Galilee

So when you wake up in the morning
And your sheets are covered in sweat
I'm somewhere you don't want to be
I'm in the gutter and the bones
Of the streets of Galilee

Well I don't grovel and I don't pander
Give a fuck what you say
I don't need you, you don't need me
I think we both should disappear
Onto the streets of Galilee
Never to be forgotten on the streets of Galilee