"You Are Blind" lyrics - JOHN (COUGAR) MELLENCAMP

"You Are Blind"
(John Mellencamp)

She's colorful and crazy
And you think she's broken-hearted
The sadness of the world
Is where the conversation started
But you want to be with her
'Cause you think that you can save her
But she likes the way she is
And says that's the way God made her
But you know that you can't love her
With a love that lasts forever
So you hold her so closely
'Cause you know that you are blind

She takes you many places
So you go there together
The ride's always stormy
But you're sure it will get better
And she touches you so softly
Sometimes you can barely feel her
Then she tells you she's your lover
But your mind, it knows better
And just when you want to leave her
She brings you into her body
And your head goes to spinnin'
And you know that you are blind

So maybe tomorrow
She'll be gone forever
It's always her favor
If you'll be together
And it's hard to imagine
That she is only human
But she's really no different
Than any other woman
But you'd carry her forever
No matter what the distance
Because you believe her
And you know that you are blind