"East St. Louis Blues" lyrics - JOHN HAMMOND

"East St. Louis Blues"

Well I walked all the way
Lord from East St Louis town
Well I did not have but this
One poor lousy dime

Well if you ain't got a dollar
Won't you give me a poor lousy dime
Well you know I just can't feed that
Starving girl of mine

Well my woman she ain't nothing
Lord but the skin and bones
I give her my money now
And ry to help along

Well my first name first name is Vinny
Ain't gonna tell you my second name
Way that woman treat me is
A lowdown dirty shame


Well if you catch me stealing
Lord I don't mean no harm
I'm just stealing people
Trying to get along


Well I see see your Toni
Lord It made me think of mine
I start a conversation now
Tryin' to keep from crying


Well goodbye fare thee well
So long old Memphis Tennessee
I'm going back to my baby
Lord you know she won't come back to me