"Two Trains Running" lyrics - JOHN HAMMOND

"Two Trains Running"

Well there's two, two trains running
I ain't never, goin' my way
Well one runs at midnight
The other, just 'fore day

Ohh yeah yeah yeah somebody help me
Oh with these blues
She's the one I'm loving
I hate to lose

I went to my baby's house
And I sit down on her steps
She said Come on in here Johnny Hammond
My husband just now left
My husband just now left yeah he's gone yeah he's gone

I been crazy yes I'm a fool
I been crazy all my life
I done fell in love with another man's wife
With another man's wife

Mmmmm Mmmmm she's so long and tall
Til she's right down on the ground

Yes they say she's no good
She's alright with me
She's alright with me