"Glamour Boy" lyrics - JOHN MILES

"Glamour Boy"
(Bob Marshall / John Miles)

He really does shine
For the ladies with painted faces.
He spends his time being seen
In all the right places.
You only get to know him nearly,
There can't be anyone who knows him really.
He's doing so well
And there's no-one to tell you but Glamour Boy.

He could have been the singer
In a Rock 'N' Roll band if only.
He's got everything it takes to make it
But he's lonely.
He's really an unsung hero
But if money came from having an ego,
He'd get to the top
And the dream would have to stop for Glamour Boy.
It doesn't do to worry.
Feel a little sorry for Glamour Boy.
Spending all his money
Really isn't funny for Glamour Boy.
Everybody knows it,
No-one ever shows it for Glamour Boy.

Living in a world of make believe
And reaching for the sky.
When all the people that you meet
Are chances passing by.
And friends don't seem to mean a lot.
Anyway they're always there.
Don't take too long to realise
You're not going anywhere,
You're not going anywhere.