"Music Man" lyrics - JOHN MILES

"Music Man"
(Bob Marshall / John Miles)

I made my life as a music man,
I can't say that I'd ever change it.
I counted time and my song began
With no-one to help me arrange it.

There've been better times in better places
With people who had kinder faces,
But there's more to a band
Than a one night stand,
So I stay a music man.

Then there's Mister Ten Percent
Takes your money just to pay his rent.
You put your feet across the door,
Step in gold dust on the floor.
The nice man shows you where to sign,
You lose your life on the dotted line.
He's a man of ice, you can see right through,
But he's gonna make a star out of you.

What's a star,
What's a star,
What's a star?

If you raise your glasses high,
You might see him cross the sky.
He's a singer,
He's a writer,
He's a genuine exciter.
He's a star,
He's a star,
He's a star