"Cage Of Freedom" lyrics - JON ANDERSON

"Cage Of Freedom"

Cage of freedom, that's our prison
Where the jailer and captive combine
Cage of freedom, cast in power
All the trappings of our own design
Blind ambition, steals our reason
We're soon behind those invisible bars
On the inside, looking outside
To make it safer we double the guard
Cage of freedom, there's no escaping
We fabricated a world of our own
World of our own, world of our own

Cage of freedom, growing smaller
'Til every wall now touches the skin
Cage of freedom, filled with treason
Changing sides as the losses begin
Our suspicion tries escaping
But they step up the security
There's no exit, there's no entrance
Remember how we swallowed the key?
Cage of freedom, that's our prison
We fabricated this world on our own
World on our own, world on our own

Big brother, is there a bigger one watching you?
Or is there one smaller who I should be watching, too?
Infinite circles of snakes eating their own tails
For every one chasing another is on the trail
Is that a friend, can you tell, is he on your side?
'Cause I spy with my little eye, yet another spy...