JON ANDERSON lyrics - Effortlessly


She sings of the earth time
She sings of the love light
She knows that the sun, will always be strong
Always be clear

Now reach and we'll hear this
Now feel that it's calling
Truth knows that the sun
Ever will be, be here for you, be here for me

Effortlessly... Effortlessly... Effortlessly...

Now when we are waking
Reach out for your soul light
The sun, it will be there
Open your heart, open your dreams

Faith comes when you need it
Faith happens to see you
Watch opening skies
Always be clear, always be ready...

Effortlessly... Effortlessly... Effortlessly...

Know, that there is strength in your belief
Knowing the light, always with you
Know that it's true...
Calling you, calling you, calling you...