"Flight Of The Moorglade" lyrics - JON ANDERSON

"Flight Of The Moorglade"

And the slightest confrontation
Was dissolved before the start
Each man
To each as one clear hand.
Asking only comfort creation
He divided to the least
Each man
Set sights to new lands.

And do remember you

The first to venture
First to gain
Exploring daylight
Clearer than the Talloplanic views

And there they were inside
The Moorglade to move and to chant
All through force to position

As rhythm raced inside the ship came alive
And was struck to the soul of perception

And raised our head to space
Beyond all the mass and the mountains
The sun they were headed

Word of life rejoice the sunlight
Course the flower to open wide
They ride
Climb into the dark sky

Such a moment kindly lingered
They set sail from Tallowcross...

(A light to lead you
Is taken from the massland to the East
As words are spoken
All courage be the token
As the feast)

Wide Eyed Removing
The precious moment we have seen...