"Spellbound" lyrics - JUDY COLLINS


Windy day in Honolulu
Looking out beyond the hills
Memories and times of heartache
Leis of lilies, daffodils

Here I lighted like a bird
Upon the bright blue water's shore
With my hope and with my nightmares
Praying I could swim and soar

Dark dreams, haunted sunlit days
While I drank down rum and hope
Burning dreams and crimson lovers
Dancing on a thin tightrope
Spellbound, spellbound, spellbound

Birds of paradise were walking
As though they were angels' songs
Bright wings flew along the beaches
In their shimmering sarongs

And I thought when I would see them
So content and so serene
How could I find that surrender?
I could fly but I would scream

Fighting out of beauty's trance
In the light of sand and water
Knowing I would crawl the highways
Finding my own kind of slaughter
Spellbound, spellbound, spellbound

How I longed to sing the day
Doing what I saw you do
How you lived and danced in light
Yearning to know what life knew

Whittled down, the drinking gone
To whimper towards the sight of land
Hungering to sail in water
Bright with promise, deep in sand

In these islands once I wept
For the lost and for the found
Surfacing in air and light
Now I live, and I am spellbound
Spellbound, spellbound, spellbound

Spellbound, spellbound, spellbound