"A Thousand Feelings" lyrics - JUSTIN YOUNG

"A Thousand Feelings"

I was so happy and I thought that you were too,
Until you coldly brought me the bad news.
And it's hard for me to take it, but I'm glad that you revealed
You no longer share the happiness I feel.

You brought me laughter and now you brought me pain.
It's amazing how words can bring such change.
And I know you didn't mean to hurt me this way,
You can't help the fact your love has gone away.

A thousand feelings, a hundred tears,
Brought by the sadness of a love that once was here, but it all disappeared.
(Where did it go? I can't believe you're gone away).

What did I do to 'cause this change of heart?
Love is a strong thing that doesn't just depart.
Can we talk about it?
Don't leave me hanging here.
I'm helpless right now, don't leave me alone with my tears.

Where did we lose our way?
Tell me please (yeah).
What can I do or say
To relieve this pain you placed upon my heart each beat that you're away?

[Chorus to fade]