"Love My Island Woman" lyrics - JUSTIN YOUNG

"Love My Island Woman"

'Nuff respect to the Island Woman

Today I say it doesn't matter what island she's coming from.
Today, today-ay-ay,
Love me island girl, me love me island woman.


First time I saw this island girl,
Look into her eyes, the stare that got me hypnotized.
She was a treasure to find too and a rainbow I chased
(With her long black hair almost to her waist)
I've been trying to find that island girl
(To lighten up me eyes and to brighten up me world).

Come follow me one time, yes me looking into me eyes.
Me dreaming and me wishing girl you make me hypnotized.
Come follow me fire, fire, you're comin' closer, Lord.
Me no see no other 'cause you are the only one.
You fillin' my life with happiness, you are my dream come true.
There's no greater joy for me than just to be with you.

Finally got a chance to talk and spend some time.
Every time she smiles, I'm in my island paradise.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter at all,
(Waitin' up at night and waitin' for her call).
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter you see,
(Mrs. Island girl is just the one for me).

Yes me dreamin' oh, me dreamin' about tonight,
Isle and I together everything's all right.
Me love you with the heart and me lovin' that never stops,
Tick and a tock forever just like a clock.
If any island girl, me lovin' will never last.
Look into the future and forget about the past.


[Chorus to fade]