"Lifetime Of A Journey" lyrics - KAIPA

"Lifetime Of A Journey"
(Hans Lundin / Roine Stolt)

I've lost my navigation
A traveller passing by
I'm just a madman of this circus
A cosmic clown that never cry

I drive into the night
Into a selfreforming age
Destiny uncertain
Think I've come to the end of the page

Proclaim a reformation
The clockworks set aside
I saw it spinning on its axis
Just wait for time to turn the tide

Nights turn into daylight
And soon the future's at your door
Crowning the creation
You'll see the newborn soon will ask for more

This lifetime of a journey
This magic carpet ride
I saw them changes coming lately
It must be time that turned the tide

Future hold the secrets
That's hiding down the darkened ocean floor
Sleeping in the deep
Until the diver hits the evermore