"Otherworldly Brights" lyrics - KAIPA

"Otherworldly Brights"
(Hans Lundin / Roine Stolt)

Graze the emptiness
Stare into the void
Spectators of the silence that is trapped inside this coil
We sleep along the daze
Revolve the vibrant haze
Spectators of the darkness that is soaking up the light

When all is said and done
Then pieces of the sun
They're cracking up the dark skies
So open up the skies
The otherworldly brights
Reflection of the smiling wonders hidden in your eyes
In your life
They arise
Out of your cries

This Stranger rides at night
A widow dressed in white
A loner of a stony past is hiding in the grass
Let's walk out of the haze
Get black to glory days
Don't let the darkness eat you and don't look into her face