"Remains Of The Day" lyrics - KAIPA

"Remains Of The Day"

Remains of the day
The sun is sinking faster now
A child came out to play a while
But had not much to gain somehow

He found the shady trails
He learnt the ways to bend the law
To sink demons in the Holy Grail
He saw it pay off big somehow

Is silence what he gets?
When his questions cut like guillotines
The crossroad is a dangerous zone
If means to power is your quest

He saw their hollow grins
From TV screens around the globe
They looked the other way and smiled
As the 3rd world dangled on the rope

Heartbroken and confused
He looked behind his back
He thought he heard a laughing crowd
As icy winds came down his track

He wished he was a rock
He wished he was a President
A someone who was firm & strong,
And solid in his sentiments

He must believe in Love
That the sky will eat the dirt somehow
The sky blue bleeds into the black
The masses eat their holy cow

He saw he had a choice
To make it to his better side
The Devil holds the borderlines
But the shield of Love will hold up high

Remains of the day