"The Dodger" lyrics - KAIPA

"The Dodger"

You ran, you hit the top
The wind was at your back
Or was it something else
That put you on the track?

You cheat, you lie
We're standing by as fools
Behind the armed locked doors
The dodger bends the rules

Now tell us who's hiding inside of you
Behind that false self-righteous look in your eyes
A devil in a clever disguise
Directing some damage, some fear in our lives

"In God" you say you trust
You glorify your ways
Your words go down like nails
In cracking boards of clay

We're loud, we're strong, we know!!
The bad guys bond will break
We'll wash your dirty dish
So cut your final cake

We'll tell you what's bothering most is the ways
That a Dodger can get to the top
This sad state from the board to the trust
The money and moves that prevent you from stop

And the hope that we all carried around
Now we're trading the last bit of freedom it seems
So sorry when reality strikes
There's nothing but dust in our dreams
There's nothing but dust in our dreams

And we'll tell you what's hiding inside of our hearts
Behind all the anger of life
And we'll tell you our feelings inside
When we're facing our children, see the look in their

And we'll sing you the truths of our lives
All the songs that are filling our hearts
All the songs that are filling our hearts