"City Of Gods" lyrics - KANYE WEST

"City Of Gods"
feat. Fivio Foreign, Alicia Keys

[Lyrics from Snippets]

[Chorus: Alicia Keys]
New York City, please go easy on me tonight
New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine

[Verse: Fivio Foreign]
Yeah, look [?], this is my shit
Welcome to the city of Gods
I'm the king of New York, I'm the nigga that's really in charge...

[Verse: Kanye West]
...smoke on you, I'm in a wide body Benz
I go back to college, do an album and drop out again
It took a minute to get here
My vision is crystal clear...
I'ma turn your life to a meme and let Justin Laboy post it...
Me and Drizzy, we at peace