"Glory" lyrics - KANYE WEST


[Lyrics from Snippet]

[Intro: Robert G Moore Jr.]
Nah, I got one more thing and I'm just about done

[Chorus: Kanye West & Robert G Moore Jr.]
This is the glory (This is the glory)
This is the victory (Hah)
This is a majesty (This is a majesty)
Y'all pay the tapestry (Hah)
Y'all know they misery (Y'all know they misery)
I know the energy (I know the energy)
And I know the strategy (Hah)
Stay cool (Amazing), start up a new label, follow Jesus

[Interlude: Robert G Moore Jr. & Kanye West]
Some of y'all still ain't got it, got it, got it
Who God is to you, you, you (Yes, sir)
We have no pressure
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That's the journey goin' forward
Everybody wanna look for comfort
Everybody want comfort and joy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don't that sound like a message?
You had to run your feelings- (Got it)

[Lyrics from Snippet 2]

[Kanye West]
Sacrifice, drop out school to [?], if you gun him down
Always ungrateful vibes, bringing out my other side
Look into my eyes, you don't see the love inside?

[Lyrics from Snippet 3]

[Verse: Dr. Dre]
No word and that's word to the mics
How many sins do you think that I committed?
Say, me say many, money, say, me say many, many, many
How many times do you think I've been neglected?