"Under The Night Sky" lyrics - KIKI DEE

"Under The Night Sky"

We've all heard a million stories
Some of them will touch you at the heart
Some of them will leave you cold leave you cold
It's been two long days now
She's starring at the stars
Where's that child of mine tonight
When her soul gets too heavy
She needs to laugh out loud again
Now it's time to let her go

Listen to the story of a mother and daughter
(Suno suno ma aur beti ki kahani)
But they both feel the silence under the night sky
The messenger has taken flight
Delivering her from a weary heart
Delivering a world of change a world of change
She's scared as a rabbit starring into a head light
Hell bent on her own way
Her mind's a million miles away
Mama don't be afraid it's a road I have to follow
Now it's time to let her go
Beautiful sky shining on me
Bring her back home
Bring her back home to me
Home back home
Some of us are chasing rainbows