"Embrace The Journey... Upraised" lyrics - KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

"Embrace The Journey... Upraised"

A lifetime of searching. Questioning existence and purpose
From the setting sun. To the vast expanses
Death from birth in reverse. Examine the dimensions in suspension of disbelief
The search continues. The soul escapes. Our existence. My soul aches
Beyond the aether, pass into the veil. Dissolved into nothingness
No hands can grasp. There is no answer to the questions
In the span of the infinite. To the concept of all time
I'm upraised a feeling I can't explain
My soul aches still searching is my refrain
Prepare the body for when the soul escapes
The last caress before the great awakening
Beyond all. All of our comprehension. Beyond all disbelief
Spread my ashes into the sea. Embrace the journey
Death where is thy sting
Silence the voice of the self-righteous, condescending and without grace
Give sight to those who are blind with hatred, to see beyond hypocrisy
My soul searches beyond the aether, beyond the dogmatic haze
I still believe