"It Falls On Me" lyrics - KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

"It Falls On Me"

It all falls on me. Brings me to my knees
This feeling that's inside. Where's the peace that you promised me?
Desolation fills this hollow heart. Seeking all the answers as we drift apart
Where is the light? Where's the sanctity in this choir of voices that deceive?
In disarray I find a place to come undone
Then all of my anger, all of my pain, bleeds into something I can't contain
Release me from this moment. Left here with nothing to hold on to
Your voice is still speaking, my vision is clear and through the distance I feel you near
You don't see me, you can't hear. My voice left me with nothing, without a choice
Memories of what could have been. Remind me it will never be the same again. It falls on me