"We Can't Hide It Anymore" lyrics - LARRY SANTOS

"We Can't Hide It Anymore"

Yesterday when he came here
Willie's eyes swept the floor
And he looked so brought down
And he asked if I'd seen you around
I said no and I showed him to the door
But he knows the score, he knows it

And we can't hide it anymore
We can't hide it anymore
We can't hide
We can't hide it anymore
We can't hide, no, no, no, no, no

And in the morning you're beside me
And we smile as lovers do
But his whole world is breaking up
And all your time I'm taking up
And I've been spending every night with you
And he knows it too, he knows it


Last night you called me on the telephone
Said you felt like you were being torn apart
I know it's not easy, babe
But we knew that from the start
Now we're in love and it's bound to break his heart
Bound to break his heart

So what do we tell him
What do we say
Now you're the one he loves and trusts
And you've turned his dreams right into dust
Like the wind we've blown them all away
And he knows today, he knows it

Chorus and fade