LEE AARON lyrics - Hands Off The Merchandise

"Hands Off The Merchandise"

Hey, watch what you're touchin'
'Cos this body ain't for sale
And tell me something new boy
'Cos I'm tired of the same old tale
I don't even know your name
And you're tryin' to take me home
A little to close for comfort
Now you're steppin' in the no-no-zone

Some people take all the lovin' they can get
But all I want is a little respect

Keep your hands off the merchandise
You don't know what you're messin' with, boy
Take my advice
Keep your hands off the merchandise

Some girls might feel lucky
Gettin' cosy with a guy like you
But I don't like the way your fingers
Keep doin' the cootchie-coo
I'm not lookin' for a one night stand
So don't ya waste your time
I'm lookin' for a true blue lovin' man
Who wants to know my mind

[Bridge / Chorus]

That's no way to be
That's no way to treat
Someone you could love
If you could only see
If you could only read my mind
I don't think you'd like it too much baby
Woah! Watch it there
My mamma warned me about guys like you


I'm outa here!