LEE AARON lyrics - You Make Me Wanna Be Bad

"You Make Me Wanna Be Bad"

Got to be strong baby, got to be true
Got to act like a lady it looks good on you
Got to watch everything that you do
And try to follow all the golden rules
You got me thinkin' things I never thought I would
I wouldn't hold back now even if I could
'Cos I like the way it feels
I lie awake just dreamin'
About the way that you might kiss
I can't pretend I'm innocent with fantasies like this

You make me wanna be bad
This strange attraction is drivin' me mad
Don't confuse it with love I just thought you should know
You make me wanna be bad

Call you up baby, I have no choice
Hang up the phone when I hear your voice
Feel like a schoolgirl on the edge
Right and wrong are all mixed up in my head
Under a spell, you got some kinda power over me
I thought I knew myself, but I know I wanna be


This is the hardest time I ever had saying no
You make me wanna be...
You got me burnin', you got me yearnin'
And it's all I can do to keep my self control
If it's a crime, I'll do my time with you all alone
Tried to be strong and I tried to be true
Tried to act like a lady but it all fell through
I think about what I, I wanna do,
You got me breakin' all the rules