"Fury" lyrics - LITTLE BIG TOWN

(Wayne Kirkpatrick / Phillip Sweet / Jimi Westbrook)

She caught him sleepling in a liars bed
Sneaking around just like a copperhead
Mr. hotshot well who's hot now?
Love turned the corner and she turned the page
Fueld by the fire of a lovers rage
Now shes more than just leaving

Love never hurt so bad
She bruised and betrayed shes bitter and shes mad
Shes on a mission better watch your back
'Cause Hell has no fury like that
Like that like that

She still remembers there was a time
She thought that he could turn her water to wine
Now thats long gone hes foreign to her
She don't need to hear the other side
His lame excuses can't be justified
And sorry won't cut it this time



Hell has no fury
Hell has no fury
Hell has nor fury like that