"Only What You Make Of It" lyrics - LITTLE BIG TOWN

"Only What You Make Of It"
(Wayne Kirkpatrick / Phillip Sweet / Jimi Westbrook)

Your like everybody else
Got to deal with much on doubt
You choose that story that you tell
Blame the world or blame yourself
Sometimes life comes at your heart and its easy
To let it drag you down
Yeah I get it its mess
Its a struggle its a test
But can you find a place to rest
In a house of bitterness
Just 'cause it aren't what you planned
Don't mean it aren't what it got to be

Because its only what you made of it yeah
Its only what you make of it yeah
Its only what you make of it
And you make it so hard on yourself

What you do and what you want
What you will and what you don't
What you take and you give up
What your risking when you give up
Its just where your looking from
If you walk or if you run
You take the long way back


You go looking for the darker side
Of anything you know your going to find it
You can hold on to it until it
Takes your wonder or you can let it go
Oh let it go oh

Oooooh ooooh oooh
No it aren't all your fault
But you know it isn't right
It aren't always fair


Its only what you make of it with echo