"Lizzie Borden" lyrics - LIZZO

"Lizzie Borden"

[Verse 1: Lizzo]
Inspiration?- let me think about it
Violation?- no doubt about it
Man on the run
Man under fire
They bout burn him up
The drones have him surrounded
Click click click boom
Pound it
Click click hashtag pound sign it
It's on your trending map
Co sign it
But when they come please do not run just open your mouth unto zion
Big bear (ah!)
Little human
A lot of salt
A little cumin
Add it to the pot
And light it up

We do mean harm
You please disarm
Don't say a word
(If you do we're terrible we come in twos and ruin you)

Click Click Boom [4x]
Lizzie Borden [4x]

[Verse 2: Lizzo]
Running up under the system
Wondering if you can miss him
Covering up with a black scarf
Tell me the difference, you can't huh?
Washing all the brains
Nasty with the fangs
Shooting all the shooters got my looters in this thing like
(We don't give no fucks)
Plus we got the antidote
Blacker than a quarter note
Play niggas like a pentatonic scale
Go to hell, you don't know me but I know you very well

[Chorus 2x]