"Wat U Mean" lyrics - LIZZO

"Wat U Mean"

A-what you mean? Been up in this thing so long, I'm like a sleeve
Covering, I'm outchea, please don't be deceived
Roll me up? Nigga please! Don't be presumptuous
I packed you up for lunch and I ate you, you were scrumptious
Literal or not, I'm rambunctious, you yellow belly munchkins
Ain't that something? With your oompady-doo like
"Ding dong, the witch ain't dead, you better look out 'fore she chop yo' head!"
Breaking bread with the queens at the dinner table
Lapdogs eat scraps if you're able
Maybe throw you a bone if I feel like it
Maybe give you some steak if the mood right
Right now, homie, bow down
Looking at my head like my head need a crown
Crown on the rocks, nigga, weed in the box, nigga
Give me if you got figures, what I want's a lot bigger!

What you mean
What you mean
What you mean
To me, to me, to me, to me

Lizzo be eating though, Lizzo be hungry
Lizzo Big GRRRL Small World till it ain't funny
Say my name three times like I'm in destiny
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Four Loko
Chillin' with my niggas in the back like mane
Came a long way, umbrellas for the rain
If you came this far, you better play the game
Because success and fame be two different things
I remember being sad about boys and stuff
But that was way back in middle school
Now I'm making crowds make noise and stuff
And all my people back home like, "who knew?"
Normally I don't like to toot my own horn
'Cause I don't got a car yet and, well, that sucks
Being a rapper these days ain't what it seems
Man, really you ain't making all the big bucks, but I'm killin' it
I'm just saying that I'm feeling the wheeling one would experience
While wheeling and gripping the wheel and gettin' it
And my limericks be the same thing that get me on the cover, trick!