"Games That Daddys Play" lyrics - LORETTA LYNN

"Games That Daddys Play"

He put his arms around my shoulder with a voice that sounded older
He said mom I've got something on my mind
Now I don't want to bother you but I sure need to talk to you
If you could only spare a little time.

And mom I hope you undretsand how much I love and need you
I don't want to take this the wrong way
But don't you think I'm big enough and old enough and strong enough
To play the games that daddys play.

My friend Billy Parker's dad come by today to see me
And he wondered if I would like to go
With him and Billy on a hike and maybe camp out overnight
The way I've seen 'em do in picture shows.

And there's one thing I want to do and maybe if I ask him to
He'd sit and talk to me man to man
We'd only be gone overnight and I could find out it's like
To play the games that daddys play.

I quickly turned to hide the tears from my son of seven years
He didn't know I'd read between the lines
He'd never really known his dad and although he'd never asked
I knew exactly what was on his mind.

I searched my mind in desperation six long years of seperation
Dimmed the words I knew I had to say
I hope you're never big enough or old enough or bold enough
To play the games that daddys play.

I know you need and want his love but son you're the victim of
Another kind of game that daddys play...