"Me And Ole Crazy Bill" lyrics - LORETTA LYNN

"Me And Ole Crazy Bill"

Me and ole crazy Bill
We met up on a farm in Oklahoma he was diggin' in the clay
I was a sleepin' maid
Cookin' for a dozen farm hands from all over
For sharecropper's pay
It wasn't much but I was glad to get it
'Cause I was a baby with a baby gettin' bigger every day.

I liked ole crazy Bill
The first time that he sat down at the table
He come in off the road eatin' with his hands
He still wore the dust from North Dakota from the rodeo
Crazy Bill was an Indian and he told me all about him
And the wild west show.

Sunshine, raindrops falls down on every head he said
Don't cry, sunshine's just beyond the hill.

Me and ole crazy Bill
Pulled up stakes and headed for the big time
He was livin' on a dream
Being No.1 rodeoin' till the pain got to me down in Abilene
That's where I had my baby
And crazy Bill was treatin' me like I was a queen old queen.

I watched ole crazy Bill passing out the cigars to the cowboys
Like my baby was his own
I guess that's when I knew
All that matters in this life is love and love is home
Now every time I wanna cry I remember what he told me not so...