"If My Car Could Only Talk" lyrics - LOU CHRISTIE

"If My Car Could Only Talk"

She met me at the station 'cause I'm coming home on my leave
I let her use my XKE so she could drive around and think of me
Baby I'm home, you look surprised, I see it on your face
Where's the old crowd? Do they still hang out at the pizza place?
A flash of suspicion, you learned a new way of kissin'

(Watch your step, Sarah Jane, I'll catch you yet) Sarah Jane
(Watch your step Sarah Jane I'll catch you yet)
Sarah Jane, if my car could only talk to me
If my car could only talk to me
It would tell me '??'bout you baby
(Where you are, baby)

When I cleaned my car I found pictures from the penny arcade
In my ashtray
Underneath the seat I found a cigarette lighter
Engraved "Love, your baby Sarah Jane"
Since I've been home, I found evidence of a love affair
Tickets to the drive-in show; a fool but once, this I swear
Don't make excuses and cry; I can't stand girls who lie

(These eyes, these eyes, these eyes these eyes)

So it's back to red, white and blue
I spent my leave finding out that we were through
Breakin' up is so hard to do
Walk away before I start crying too
Baby, I'm gone