"Roll 'Em Pete" lyrics - LOU RAWLS

"Roll 'Em Pete"

I got a woman that lives up on a hill
I've got a girl that lives up on a hill
She wants to quit me
Oh, but I love her, still

Well, the girl's got eyes like a diamond
Teeth, that shine like gold
Pretty eyes, like a diamond, teeth that shine like gold
Every time she kissed me, she sends my mellow soul

Baby, you're so beautiful but you got to die one day
Oh yes, you're fine and you should be mine, just one day
I just want little lovin' before you pass away

Oh, hold'em fast, come on, and jump and dive
Well, yes, I'ma have it, I'ma have it as a baby boy
My woman's gonna buy me a automatic kitty-car in the morning
Everybody gettin' ride in the new car

Hey baby, baby, I'm going to leave you by yourself
Pretty baby, baby, I'm going to leave you by yourself
You see, you've mistreated me
Now, get on out there and mistreat somebody else
Where does that grab you?

Oh yes, I said yes
All I ever said was yes
If you'd ask me, I'd say, yes, yes, yes
Yes and no

Pretty baby, bye, bye
Gone, bye, gone, bye
Toxic, turned blue, Lady Tomato
Plants you do not find in the spring
And you are a dire chick, that's what you are