"World Of Trouble" lyrics - LOU RAWLS

"World Of Trouble"

I'm in a world of trouble,
Don't know what to do,
Supposed to be one woman's man,
But I am in love with two.

One is my treasure,
One is my treat,
Both such a pleasure,
'Cause they're both so sweet.

I can't put either of them down,
That's why I'm slippin' 'round
Livin' double in a world of trouble.

Yes, it's a world of trouble,
I ain't happy now,
'Cause I got one more woman
Than the legal laws allow.

Judges would jail me,
Preachers would shout,
Bad talk would nail me,
If the truth got out.

Polite society would frown,
Claim I'm just a clown,
Livin' double in a world of trouble.

I do not dare reveal
The need I deeply feel.

To my proper friends it would scare 'em,
They would chalk it up to greed,
But what I deeply need
Is a new kind of two woman harem.

I've got a world of trouble,
A woman and a wife,
The kind of situation
That can cost somebody's life.

Oh, but I'm gonna bear it,
'Long as I can,
No, I don't want to share it
With no other man.

All of my future's in a fog,
I'm just a dirty dog
Livin' double in a world of trouble.