"Harlan County" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Harlan County"

I can't get a drink in Harlan County
I can't get a drink and I don't know why
Why I every came to Harlan County
Harlan County's damn near dry

Well you can get a drink in Harlan County
Go to the city of Cumberland
Go to the package store on main street
A twenty dollar bill in your right hand


Climbed to the top of Old Black Mountain
That's the highest peak in Kentucky
And if you're tired, drunk, or crazy
Drive on up in an ATV

I saw a bear up on black mountain
Carrying a six pack in his claw
I shot that bear, and I took his six pack
Yes I guess I broke the law


Yeah they play a little golf in Harlan County
Huntin', fishin', campin' too
Still got coal mines down in Harlan
I'd stay outta them if I was you

They cook a little meth in Harlan County
Chemistry in the kitchen sink
Less you're over in Cumberland City
A thirsty man can't get a drink