"Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)"

I haven't got the blues yet
But I am somewhat depressed
I own several pairs of shoes
Should I choose to get dressed...
When I wake up in the morning
Life can seem so unfair
Although my woman hasn't left me yet
And there's a cleaning lady there.
I'm knocking back the chardonnay
And popping Zoloft too
I've got a lot of free time
I don't know what to do

I haven't got the blues yet
But I'm definitely down
I feel like Emmett Kelly
That mopey circus clown
I haven't got the blues yet
But I admit I'm in the dumps
Everyone else is cheerful
I've got a bad case of the grumps.
I'm holed up in my living room
I hardly get around
As for my composure
That's in the lost and founds.
I went to see a doctor
Actually a therapist
He said "Blame it on your parents, son,
They made you feel like this."
I kinda sorta loathe myself
Let me count the ways
I haven't got the blues yet
But I'm experiencing malaise.

I haven't got the blues yet
But I guess it won't be long
'Cause I'm feeling kinda blueish
That's why I wrote this song.
My life isn't tragic
But it's still a doggone shame
That I'm not the man I used to be
Though we're genetically the same.
I like to wallow in it when I take a dive or dip
I suppose if I was English
I'd have a stiffer upper lip
I haven't got the blues yet
I'm just a little low
But when I really get 'em
You'll be the first to know.
I'm just a leaky supertanker
With a lot of oil to spill
I sure am feeling sorry for myself
But if I don't, who will?