"Number One" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Number One"

Of all the chicks & broads & babes & bimbos I have known
No one does it better than you do on the phone
Midway through my busy day all through my empty night
I dial your 900 number and it feels oh so right
When I'm feelin lonely and bottled up inside
I know I can aslays take that magic carpet ride
I get down on my bearskin rug on my loving room floor
I get you on the telephone & you give me what for

When it comes to lovin on the phone you are the best
Local or long distance, you're better thatn the rest
And when it is all over, when it's been said and done
Of all the numbers out there, your number's number one

I used to go to pick up bars when I felt all alone
Now I just have a few drinks and pick up my telephone
I like my lovin private this is not a party line
I don't have call waiting 'cause I'm busy all the time
I don't know what you look like
And I don't know how you smell
But the way you talk to me no human tongue could tell
There are so many digits, yours are the ones I pick
'Cause the way you talk to me no human tongue can lick


The things that you say to me, well I can't sing them here
Let's just say it's worth it, that phone call's not too dear
And I know you don't love me but hey I don't love you
I just love those things you say & what you tell me to do
'Cause lovin's never easy & love can be a chore
And these days love is dangerous I need not say more
Some folks say I'ts kinky & some say it's obscene
But thank you Alexander Graham Bell
For your lovin machine