"Hair Of The Dog" lyrics - LOVERBOY

"Hair Of The Dog"

You've tried the local remedies
Now your going nation wide
The radio don't reach you
So hook up the satelite
Memories of days gone by
Can soon come back to haunt you
Designed to take you for a ride
That's all it's supposed to do

You search the whole world over
Looking for a sign of something new
Become a slave to fashion
That's what we have in mind for you

If what your hearing don't fit you
You feel so out of day
Some hair of the dog that bit you
For it gets to late
Reality can hit you
You really can't go back
Some hair of the dog that bit you
Change fiction into fact
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Baby it's in the mood
That sound your looking for
Alternating lifestyles
New Age to Hard Core
All the way back to classic
Beethoven to Mozart
If you ask my opinion
That's going a bit too far


You listen on the way to work
Another brand new trend
Wouldn't it be nice to know
That this to, soon will end
The city of choice it seems today
You know I've had my fill
How come every song we hear
Winds up coming from Nashville?