"Tortured" lyrics - LOVERBOY


How do I keep everything
From scraping zero?
I struggle to face myself again
I'm higher than sleep
But lower than the ground I fall to
One of these years I'll try again

Cause I'm tortured, tortured by you
Dark are the hearts
That won't let love ring true
Release this ball and chain
No more heartache and pain
Tortured, tortured by you

I was too deep
Swimming in the shallow water
Tied to my arms, oh, your weight again
The damage I sweep beneath
The truth I've hidden, the poion that's sweet
I'll taste again



Empty my fear of rolling
Through another victim
Trying to stay away again
This is not a call
Hey the band is playing
The seats are down, I'm lost in the crowd, I go on

[Chorus 2x]
Yeah I'm tortured, yes I'm tortured!!!

Every time I try, I get more than high...