"Mother" lyrics - LUCIFER'S FRIEND


Please forgive me mother - You said I'd never survive alone
Swimming in and out of dreams that you could
Never piece together in the silence you lost
You bore the cost - For this: The ring on your finger
Happiness was a Sunday afternoon

Mummy and Daddy are fighting next door
The neighbours complained to the wife of the landlord
The small hand's on the nine and the big hand's on ten
It's time for the children to go to bed again

(Good bye Mother, forgive me and all my sins -
Say they are forgotten - And so... To bed)

Pull down the blinds and turn on the music
You gotta roll off - I'm gonna roll on
Turn off your mind and roll to the music
I'm gonna go POP before it's begun.

Please forgive me mother if I appear to be far away
Slipping in and out of arms that try to
Hold me down for ever till the dust us do part
Hand on my heard: It's true
A light in your window
The shipwreck of your life!

Poor little Dinah, she's leaving home:
She's going to marry a man in a hurry
Monday and Tuesday still on the phone
And mother can't work for a while though worrying.

(Good bye Mother, you tried so to put the blame on
The world around you and so... to bed)