"Rose On The Vine" lyrics - LUCIFER'S FRIEND

"Rose On The Vine"

Rose on the vine, there's a holy man drinking my wine
Hole in the line
Old Sunday morning is raining and shining my way
Rose on the vine, drinking my wine
So good day-

Is your grass so green and do you... like people say?
A dream came by my way
Came falling through my door
Do you love me?
Or are you
Lying in an anarchistic folderol
Hydrogen joint - la, what is the point?

Susan burned her mind out yesterday
Men came down from town took her away
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey

Pills in the jar, let them tell you how lucky you are
Leapers for two
Eggs in one basket = Immaculate Contraception
How do you do?
Rose on the vine, drinking my wine
So fug you...