"I Wish" lyrics - LUIS FONSI

"I Wish"
(Mark Portmann)

I wish
I can still feel your body laying by me
Sometimes is like you never left
I never thought I could miss someone like this
But no one else can ever take your place
I close my eyes and see your face

Everyday I wake up thinking how will I get through this
I'm losing my faith'
I wish there was something to get over you
I wish that my heart would remember were through
I wish I could see you walk by and ignore you like someone I once knew
I wish I could look in your eyes and be strong
To say I don't need you around anymore
I wish I could find someone new and forget you
Wish I never met you, I wish I could move on
But though I try there's nothing left for me to do
There's just no getting over you

Girl you know I never meant to hurt you
I know how much I made you cry
I never thought you'd ever say good-bye
I was so wrong and I admit, forgive me I regret it
If only all this pain could bring you back again


Baby I still love you'

[Chorus 2x]